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My father and mother, Nunzio and Sara Amante, saw an opportunity for our family and they took it. What is now Bob's Pizza was a breakfast and lunchette with two tables with enough room for four customers. My parents didn’t speak English and had a very hard time communicating with anyone. So it was up to my sisters and I, Bob Amante to help with talking with customers, distributors and anyone else! All four of us would go to school and then come home to work; my sisters were servers and I would help my mom and dad with cooking.

As we started to grow, we gradually started to add pasta and pizza. As the business began to take off, my father and I would go get jobs at other restaurants to learn about the business since at the time we didn’t have any previous knowledge of what we were doing. Days, weeks and years went by and we were amazed by our success.

In the early 1980's we decided to expand and build a dining room adjacent to the pizzeria. Adding chicken, veal and seafood to our menu was the best thing that could have happened. It transformed our small two table pizzeria into a white table cloth restaurant offering authentic Southern Italian style fine dining. In 2005, we decided to expand once again. We moved with the times and became the place to be.

Today, everyone knows us as Amante's Italian Cuisine and Bob’s Pizza. It bears my last name; fitting since the pizzeria has my first! With live entertainment, a full service bar and a beautiful, warm atmosphere, we now cater to everyone from families, young couples as well as business professionals who enjoy a great drink with a meal. With accommodations for two hundred people, we now have a pizzeria, a dining room with a full service liquor bar as well as outdoor seating!

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